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A numerical representation of serverload; lag. Note, different from Ping.

Nebtown community:

We describe packets (pieces of info sent from the user to the server and vice versa) as Carbon Emissions, greenhouse gases, and 'that awful sight on the horizon shortly after dawn'.

A ship or contraption can be judged on how laggy it is, by how many packets it has when existing/functioning (IE a ship flying).

Spawn it and compare average packets before and after.

The Packet Scale

<125 - Empty server

125-600 - Unnoticable.

600-1200 - Mild lag when calculating player collisions, such as walking along unfrozen props.

1200-2000 - Significant amount of lag, chat/wires may be up to a second delayed, *whining starts here usually*.

2000< - Considered highly laggy, your warning zone.

3000< - Something's seriously wrong with physics, probably lots of bad collisions.

4000< - O.o

6000<- Admins are permitted to cleanup without warning; crash imminent.

Nebcorp Universal Packet Reduction

Steps of the NUPR, for vehicular devices, in increasing levels of severity and effort:

  1. No-collide-all (right click) all non-hull parts (IE buttons, wire components, screens, thrusters, storage). Ideally, an 8x8 phx board no-collided to just your hull should be able to pass through the entire ship. If it hits something, no-collide-all that.
  2. Adjust the weights. Ideally, all non-hull parts should weigh just 5 Garrys. The largest hull part (or the ones with the thrusters/hoverballs) should have at least 75% of your total weight. This will also 'strengthen welds'.
  3. Reduce. Rather than 10 gates calculating your piloting, try converting them to an expression. Rather than several small storages or solar panals, use the larger size. Same goes for PHX. Fewer props ALWAYS means fewer packets.
  4. For large/complex ships, freeze EVERYTHING and then unweld the ship's props (one at a time) and reweld them to a central hull prop (which has most of the weight), so eventually rather than 300 welds between all your things, you have 20 welds to the core, which means less constraints to calculate, stronger welds due to the central hull's weight, easier maneouverability, and the ship is far more modular (easier to remove/add more).

Remember, Collisions, Weight, Reduction, Welding. CWRW.

Nolphin Advertisement

The aim and objective of the Nolphin V4 engine is to make large objects into mobile platforms, giving off as little Emissions as possible. This "Green" technology allows the Nebtown servers to create contraptions that run pretty much like running a Hybrid Car on Angel tears. Many of us are involved in creating Spacebuild ships that are used to prototype the new Nolphin V4 engine. Some of these contraptions include:

  • Carrier & Super carrier Created by Mr Crispy, that are experimental design's to show how easily the Nolphin V4 can lift capital sized ships.