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CFToolbox (Cache File Toolbox)[]


Download from and install.

In the preferences tab, enter a valid steam account (ANY will do, Purchases simply grant privileges to those files - Borrow a friend's login? Optionally, you can use nebtown/candyland, though its blank)

Tell it where your /steam/steamapps folder is. Optionally, uncheck the Sharing Steamapps folder with Steam to shush its prompts (hazards unknown, probably none if you don't play the game while its updating)


Handles all maintenense possible of GCFs (Steam Data files)

  • Updating (Downloads -> Resume)
  • Installing (Tab 2, choose and hit Download)
  • Verifying (Validate)
  • Repairing (Correct; followed by Downloads -> Resume)
  • Debugging

You want this.



This patcher allow You to crack Steam (including Community version) even after minor updates of Steam itself.

Original Thread


1. Download Steam from ""
2. Install Steam.
3. Extract "UnDeadPatch.exe" into Steam directory.
4. Launch "UnDeadPatch.exe"

Steam needs to be updated what should I do?
1. Delete "Steam.cfg" from Steam directory.
2. Update Steam by launching it.
3. Launch "UnDeadPatch.exe" again to recrack.



  1. Get L4D Binaries and L4D Base from L4D dedicated server. Use CFToolbox, right click and Validate them. If validation fails, right click and Correct them. After correction right click Download -> Resume.
  2. Get L4D sound.ncf files from possible torrents or other devious sites. It isn't necessary, unless you want to hear the characters and music. (If you can find any old extracted version of L4D, excluding the demo, you can probably just take the /sounds folder and throw it in /steamapps/common/left 4 dead/) And do the same in CFToobox to this.
  3. Get L4D Client Binaries.ncf from here: (Password CASE SENSITIVE!: (V10)
  4. Get L4D Sound.ncf v2->v3:
  5. Make sure all files are fully updated by performing a Validate on them. If they fail, Correct them, then Downloads -> Resume them, then validate again.


Run the game from left4dead.exe in steamapps/common/left 4 dead/ (make a shortcut in steam to it?).

To join servers, type [openserverbrowser] in console, OR [connect IP:Port] ([connect]) in console for direct connect.

Things that don't work:

  • Achievements
  • Standard methods of connecting to server.


All files can be updated using CFToolbox, except for the following.

This version: 72

Date: 05-03-09

Password: <-- !!CASE SENSITIVE!!


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