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Sorcerers in Garrys' Mod are those that can magicly create objects and manipulate their invironment. The word Sorcerer is synanimous with wizard.

The most common technique is for a sorcerer to summon "props" which are building blocks of magic. The sorcer will then use various spells, also called "tools" to assemble these props into fanciful or useful patterns.

More advanced sorcerers can use a very powerful spell called "wire" to bring his creations to life. Wire is the basic unit of all processing, and is required to give life to any contraptions made in Garry's Mod.

A specific element of wire called expression is used to easily create functionality that would normally require long painstaking use of wire entities. In order to use it, a sorcerer must go into a trance.

These trances are used to search the cosmos (also known as the internet) for special incantations called "functions". During a trance, the sorcerer will appear to be unconcious. (AFK)

The most advanced wizards of all use an entirely different magical language called "Lua". These sorcerers are so powerful that their spells require their demi-god (Server Owner) to restart the plane (Server) before their spells can fully take place.

Lua spells can commonly be found in the cosmos, and demi-gods can summon these spells at will to be used in the plane that they control.

Demi-gods may speak to their followers by taking on a persona known as "console", or they may descend into material form and take the place of a sorcerer.